General Warranty / Return Policy



Return/Warranty Policy


All Sales/Services/Repairs/Products will hold a general 30-day warranty unless otherwise listed or with purchase/inclusion of extended policy!

Items advertised or listed with the following terms and any variation of those terms will be held to this "General Return/Warranty Policy" effective on date of purchase and ending the close of business on the 30th day after purchase date.

=="As-Is” “As-Advertised" "As-Listed"==

(any variation of the above)


All New products/parts installed/sold will carry the manufacturer’s warranty where applicable.

All repairs will include new parts if available*

*Where/when a new or OEM part is no longer available to complete a repair, the best substitute will be used. Substitute parts can or may be aftermarket replacements or verified used parts, wherein aftermarket parts will be covered by the respective manufacturers warranty and any verified/used parts will be covered by this general warranty policy.


Returns will be inspected for faults, missing items, damages incurred, and resolution will be made at the discretion of M&MS Classic Tractor to include:

Full refund of purchase price or exchange for item of equal value.

This policy is effective from the first day partial or full payment is processed.

This policy is non-negotiable!


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